Emergency Dental Care Troy, MI

When someone is suffering from severe pain or other serious dental issues, emergency dental care may be needed. Although many people experiencing oral issues can wait to schedule a regular appointment with their dentist, some situations require immediate treatment. Emergency dental care is necessary in certain acute situations and can stop severe pain, prevent chronic issues, and even save an individual's life.

Emergency dental care is available at Dental First in Troy and the surrounding area. It may be difficult to understand what constitutes an emergency when it comes to dental problems. However, there are certain signs that indicate when someone should pursue more immediate care.

Ignoring a dental issue can have long-term consequences and can affect other teeth, the gums, or the underlying jaw bone. Knowing when a regular or emergency visit should be made can help control the problem more efficiently. Call us at (248) 729-2506 if you have dental questions and are unsure whether you should seek emergency treatment.

Our Troy dental office provides same day emergency dental care to existing and new patients during our normal office hours. If you are having painful toothache, need tooth extraction, root canal, pain treatment, urgent dental care, or looking for an emergency dental clinic, please call us to make an appointment today. We are open most days including some Saturdays and some late Tuesdays. We offer same day dental appointments. For emergency dental care outside our normal office hours including emergency dental services on weekends or after hours dental emergencies, please call us to confirm the availability of an emergency dentist. If we are not available, please seek help from your nearest emergency facility.