Nobody looks forward to wisdom teeth removal but it may be something that you cannot avoid. If it is not causing any discomfort or pain, it may not have to be extracted, especially if your wisdom tooth is healthy and has enough room for its full growth. However, if your wisdom tooth is not growing normally, it might be necessary to have it extracted. 

If you have reason to believe that you’ll require a wisdom tooth extraction, you might be wondering if your trusted emergency dentist can help you with it. In this post, we are going to talk about the procedure of wisdom tooth extraction and whether or not your emergency dentist can do it: 

Procedure Involved in Wisdom Tooth Removal

If you notice that your wisdom tooth is not growing as it should and it’s resulting in pain and other issues, you need emergency dental care. Know, however, that the procedure might be different from the usual tooth extraction that you may have had before. 

Wisdom teeth are more complicated and if they’re impacted, a surgical extraction is necessary. 

The dentist may analyze your case with the use of panoramic or 3D x-ray to have a better view of what needs to be done. 

Before the actual procedure starts, anesthetic is employed to numb the region of the wisdom tooth. The socket is then widened with the use of forceps and an elevator. Then the tooth will be pressured from all angles and grasped with forceps, gently shaking it to detach the roots and finally twisting the tooth to completely extract it. The wound is then stitched close. 

Aftercare and Pain Management

Once the procedure is done, the patient will be taken to the recovery room where the dentist will discuss all the details of the aftercare. Pain medication and instructions will be given, too. As the anesthetic gradually fades, the pain of the procedure done will be felt and the patient will start taking their pain medication.

In general, patients who have had their wisdom teeth removed should refrain from constant spitting, sucking, and smoking. They should stick to soft food and avoid extremely hot and cold food. Your dentist may provide you with a list of dos and don’ts to ensure that you will recover safely and not have any complications.

Can Your Emergency Dentist Do the Procedure?

Wisdom tooth removal is not generally regarded as a dental emergency. However, if one of your wisdom teeth is problematic, discomfort and pain can get intense and you will require either an emergency dentist or oral surgeon to perform an emergency wisdom tooth removal. If you fail to take out your wisdom tooth at the right time, further damage can happen. That said, not all emergency dentists perform oral surgery so it’s best to contact the emergency dental clinic to find out whether or not they offer that kind of dental service. 


Wisdom teeth are no fun, especially if they’re causing pain and are not growing the way they should. If your wisdom tooth has no room to grow and is impacted, it might soon require the attention of your trusted emergency dentist, especially if you are noticing some inflammation in the area.

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