There are many reasons seniors may prefer dentures over other options for tooth replacement. Dentures as part of cosmetic dentistry in Troy are typically more affordable than implants and easier to care for than natural teeth. 

Additionally, dentures can help seniors maintain their appearance and confidence.

More than 70% of Americans lose some or all of their teeth throughout their lifetimes. This is essential because, despite advancements in dental care, adult teeth continue to fall off regularly. Thankfully, several options allow patients to select how they wish to proceed.

Why Do Seniors Prefer Dentures?

When preserving a tooth is impossible, a replacement tooth must regretfully be placed. In this circumstance, seniors frequently choose dentures over modern, aesthetically pleasing dental operations.

Because it is a non-invasive procedure, just wearing dentures may benefit older persons with other medical conditions or who are taking medication. Many seniors prefer dentures over natural teeth because they are so easy to maintain. 

Removing dentures at night may keep them clean and fresh-smelling and prevent a mouth infection. This is quite important given the multiple medical conditions that have been linked to poor tooth health. 

Dentures allow seniors to minimize the number of dental visits they need each year and avoid these potential problems, so they have one less appointment to worry about scheduling.

Dentures come in wide different varieties. Wearing complete dentures replaces both the top and bottom teeth. 

Every day or as frequently as required, dentures can be taken out and put back in. This option is often selected since it is much easier for carers to clean them than to brush and floss a full set of natural teeth. 

Since they seem natural and are more comfortable than previously, they are an excellent replacement for dentures.

What Are the Benefits of Dentures? 

Dentures Look Natural 

A cosmetic dentist might reshape them to mimic beautiful, naturally occurring teeth. Nowadays, it could be challenging to tell if someone is wearing dentures.

Dentures Have A Variety of Options

Even if people didn’t always need them, whole sets of teeth were the standard for tooth replacement in the past. Partial dentures are ideal since they may replace one or more lost teeth securely and naturally. Although they are typically attached to the teeth next to them, they are removable for cleaning.

Dentures Offer Quick Relief

Numerous cosmetic dental treatments might take some time to complete. For instance, the completion time for dental implants may range from a few months to a year, depending on the number of teeth inserted. This is unimportant since the problem may be resolved by having dentures created in a dental lab in a few weeks.

Dentures Are Affordable 

Dentures come in various styles and pricing points. Seniors from various socioeconomic backgrounds can thus buy them. The best dentist in Troy, MI, provides all the options they need to select the best set of affordable, aesthetically pleasing dentures.

Dentures Provide Comfort

Experienced dentists can provide the perfect fit that is both comfortable and uncomplicated to wear. You shouldn’t worry that they’ll aggravate or damage your gums.

Dentures Are Easy to Maintain 

If a senior citizen needs assistance from a caregiver, has additional health issues, cognitive impairment, or requires dentures, they may be easier to maintain than natural teeth. 

Instead of washing and flossing their dentures during the day like they would their natural teeth, patients can remove and quickly clean their dentures at night. Shortening one’s daily hygiene routine occasionally may be helpful.


Many seniors prefer dentures because they provide comfort, security, and hygiene that other forms of dental hygiene are unmatched. Additionally, dentures are a low-cost option that can be continued to be used for years without significant financial investment. So, what are you waiting for—see a dentist in Troy! 

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