Briana Metevier

I had a wonderful experience at this dentist. I woke up on a Sunday with tooth pain and thank goodness this dentist is open 1 Sunday each month. They got me in very quickly. They were extremely sympathetic to my situation and so nice on the phone & in person. I went in and saw their very experienced dentist as well as very knowledgeable dental hygienists/clerical employees. Each employee was informative and open to help with any questions I had. Very inviting atmosphere and I’ve never felt that way about a dentist/doctors office before. I needed a root canal and the gals that were running my insurance were extremely helpful explaining the costs to me and explaining the insurance coverage thoroughly. They had a lot of patience and allowed me some time to look over the costs before moving forward. The procedure went very well, the dentist was so experienced and I couldn’t even feel the numbing shots. The dentist didn’t give me a hard time about the root canal but did provide me lots of knowledge on how to avoid any more in the future. He seemed to really care about his patients. Overall, this was a truly lovely experience considering I was getting a root canal! Professional and friendly staff, with a team that knows what they’re doing. Would definitely recommend!